• LTA Rating: 4.2

    ITF Rating: n/a

    Height: 6'1"

    Age: 17


  • · William began playing Tennis at the age of 4.

    · He was keen to just play tennis as he was always used to watching his big brother play and was glad when it was his turn

    · He began his 1st tennis session at Tennis World he played mini red which is small nets, rackets and half on 1 side of the court marked out. You need to become a LTA member to do competitions which we did.

    · It is also using sponge balls so kids learn how to hit a soft ball correctly.

    · William soon was offered a chance to join a competition which was held locally and he did very well.

    · It soon developed and he progressed up to Mini orange where the courts are bigger but narrower, the rackets are bigger asnd the balls a bit harder.

    · William learned quickly how to strike the ball, and found it easy as he had always had good hand eye co-ordination which is a must for tennis.

    · He entered and won quite alot of competitions and this involved a move to another club for regular lessons, more squads and he made great progress.

    · He was continually hitting normal balls on a full court even though he wasnt supposed to.

    · He developed and we then decided not to play mini orange but progress to Mini green this meant he couldnt do competitions at this level but he was playing on full size court, with normal size racket and a almost normal ball.

    · He was so excited playing like a tennis player the movement and skills became more natural and we saw as great improvement.

    · With Mini tennis you start at Red 4, then Red 3, Red 2, Red 1 or Orange 4 and so on until you get to Green 1.

    · If you make it to Green 1 in competitions you become a 8.2 rated player.

    · As William didnt play as much mini tennis he started ranked 10.2 he quickly rose to a 10.1, 9.2, 9.1 and 8.2 it wasnt difficult he simply entered local tournaments and as long as he won 4 he moved up.

    · He was then choosen at school to swim for school in competition he came 3rd and was noticed by local Aquaforce swim club and asked to join.

    · He competed in a few Junior Galas winning a few trophies.

    · This with his tennis was the perfect partnership.

    · Tennis is great and as Ben went to Sutton William too went. The 1st year there he had lessons.

    · Next year he took part in Mini squads playing tennis and then we asked for him to join the fitness at the end of ther day with his brother they allowed this to happen.

    · The next year he did the Full squad like Ben and he managed to do it although he was rather tired doing 2hrs training, lunch, 2hrs training, and 1hr fitness a day.

    · The rule Sutton work by is we are paid by your parents to work you if you don't want to work leave and let someone else in.

    · William has gone another twice to Sutton but this year the change is unbelievable he spent time with Saun one of the coaches who spent time work with him on patterns in his feet getting to and from the ball, behind the ball then moving forward and hitting the ball with power.

    · He has adapted this into his game and already we can see with his coach here the ball being hit harder and with ease, also movement on court, chasing the balls and his strength of never giving up when he plays.

    · Coaching staff are now pointing out to us that he is very different from the child we took to Sutton and the one on court now!

    · Will has decided that he wants a scholarship to Sutton and he is now working hard over the next 2-3 years to raise his rating to at least a 5.2.

    · He can in one rating run Summer/winter move up in a double jump this involves playing a minimum of 12 matches on winning all 12! a big challenge but one that he can do easily now he is committed.

    · Willam got his final win at Jesmond rating at the end of August making him a 6.2 the match lasted as long time as only 1 player meant 2 sets to 6 which lasted some time but the winner was William and it was William played in the 1st ever Virgin Active Grade 3 Open in August, he played U16 and lost a very close nastch 0-6 3-6.But he went on to play U14 winning his 1st match 2-6 6-0 (10-6 tie break) then moved onto the next round meeting the number 2 seed and players well even though he lost the score didnt reflect the match 3-6 5-7 but with boast games going to deduce it was a great match to watch!

    · He also played doubles partnering his older brother mens doubles first loosing 0-6 3-6 but fighting hard and playing well!

    · U18 doubles followed a well fought match against a good doubles pair and it was a great match to watch 3-6 4-6 at times either doubles players could win but in the end the matches played over the past few days made a tired pair lose but everyone commented on there doubles and there is no doubt they will play more!!

    David Lloyds Summer Open U14 match was a very hard game the 1st of 3 matches the 1st of which was 6-0 6-0 and then the 2nd round the same day tested William as he played the no.2 seed and a tight match 7-6 (5-2) 6-2 took him to the final the following day where he met the number 3 seed and after a close battle he lost 3-6 0-6 but he can!e up against a good player and masking it to the final helped raise his ranking as well as his rating!

    · Williakm entered the116th Torbay tennis tournament in Torquay where entered the boys U14 singles event which he played his 1st match after a late start due to rain both before and during but winning 0-6 the 1st set then a long wait held up play for a good 1hr then once courts dried the game resumed when Will comfortably won 6-3 and progressed to round 2 meeting the 1st seed and playing on clay a surface he is not too comfortable on he lost 1-4 3-5 a big match lasting a long time a shame to go out on such a good fight!

    · William entered the Road the Wimbledon held firstly at pur club Virgin active and he played two matches and comfortably made it through to County level event held at Sunderland Tennis Centre playing 3 matches in total and winning through to the final loosing to George Young 3-6 1-6 in the final a very well fought tennis match in which most of the games went to deuce but eventually after 2 matches one the same day William began his 3rd match and after long sets lost again well done son for making it to the County Final!

    · He recently received a partial sponsorship from Prince which he and we are very proud of he is working hard with his new racquets, already bringing him good luck when he played in the U16 Durham and Cleveland team match winning his singles and doubles!