Angela and Darrin Holroyd

We are parents of Ben and William, we have been learning about tennis in the past 10 years since Ben started playing for his primary school at the age of 7.

Darrin is a computer programmer of his own business and has been writing and maintaining software for over 25 years and has been responsible for writing, designing the TennisOutlaws website, Facebook and Twitter accounts, he has also taken photographs and videos of both our boys since Ben was 10 years old and William since he was 4 and this has helped us show both boys development on the website which has helped us gain the partial sponsorship and news articles in UK tennis magasine, local newspaper and Hartlepool radio slot.

Angela has worked in advertising and publicity for the Hartlepool Mail and also worked for Saga in Peterlee. The experience I gained has helped me when I contact business/ possible sponsors, the most important thing in getting funding I believe is being able to gain vital contacts within the tennis world, through links from Sutton Tennis Academy, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and also our regular visits to tournaments/matches as well as local tennis clubs and gyms.

My experience has also surprised a lot of people who didnt believe we would get any sponsorship, and therefore have asked us how we do it, so much so, they mentioned why don't we set up a business to help parents and players make there way through the tennis world.

The result as you can see is the business TennisOutlaws Ltd, our main aim to offer players/parents a way of charting there progress by taking photos/video, editing this using our software and offering the opportunity to build a website for them to store there information and a website to point to possible sponsorship, as most sponsors use the internet it allows them to view the propective clients without leaving there business!