• LTA Rating: 4.1

    ITF Rating: n/a

    Height: 6'3"

    Age: 20


    Finished 2 years at Sutton Tennis Academy. Starting Open Univercity.

  • - Ben makes it to Sutton tennis academy he is on the scholarship program.

    - He 1st started tennis at 7 years he entered a tennis competition at school

    - The school came 3rd out of 6 but Ben was hooked on tennis.

    - We spoke to a tennis club linked with the competition and they offered him a trial at a squad they ran once a week.

    - He developed quickly over the next 2 years when it became apparent he was going to need more than the club could offer so we moved onto another club.

    - At the next club Ben had lessons twice a week and squads he just wanted to play as much tennis as he could.

    - He began to get interested in helping out with running the mini squads with the help of his coach.

    - He was so keen to get better he asked us to get him a tennis membership so he could get a rating and do competitions.

    - Tennis competitions are ran locally but in tennis, kids referee there own matches and they call the balls, line calls and scoring if there are problems with these calls you raise your racket and wait for referee to come on the court and sort it out.

    - Ben got 10.2 rating and its easy to progress from 10.2-8.2 all you have to do is enter competitions and get 4 wins to raise your rating. You go from 10.2 win 4 matches go to 10.1 then 9.2 then 9.1 then 8.2.

    - However once you get to 8.2 things change you need to learn new set of rules which are you play competitions and you need to win 60% ot 6 out of 7 matches so you can rise to the next rating.

    - Ben also decided to return to Swimming and joined a local swim club and soon became and extremely good swimmer and he is totally commited to being fit and swimming has helped him its a belief of his mam and dad it kept him from being injured.

    - We realised soon that Ben wanted more from his tennis and we decided to look at tennis holidays in the UK. There are plenty of academy's but one stood out Sutton in Surrey so we booked onto the holiday squad.

    - The programme for the week involved 2hrs tennis on morning, lunch, 2hrs on afternoon, 1hr fitness for 5 days. This gave him a big jump in his tennis he found he learned so much more intensive training than he was getting locally.

    - He found once he had been he wanted to move to a more intensive club and we continued with squads and lessons doing our 1year holiday at Sutton and Ben thrived in his tennis.

    - At 13 he asked to do his Tennis leaders course at the local county office, this involved him going on course then volunteering in club on a weekly basis to complete the course, he did more than he needed racking up over 200hrs and completed voluntary hours with platinum certifiicate for his hours worked.

    - He realised that tennis was his dream and he wanted to work hard and they made him realise if your there work hard if you don't want to work hard leave you only get out what you put in.

    - We went for a further 3 visits to Sutton as Ben continued his training at his local tennis centre, helping coaches, hiting practice, and doing what he loves playing tennis.

    - He decided he wanted to do his Level 1 coaching Assistants course, which involves setting up tennis nets, for mini red/orange , selecting a warm up plan, showing and with aid of coach assiting kids to do the warm up and choose a skill to work on ie. forehand then cool down and clear away.

    - it sounds easy but requires hard work and patients but henpassed without any problems he is now a Level 1 Coaching Assistant.

    - He hopes to do his level 2 coaching and also Level 3. level 2 coaching allows you to run a squad following a level 3 coaches programme, however if you becime a level 3 coach you can run all squads, adults as well.

    - The beginning of this year as Ben was finishing school we contacted tennis director at Sutton and asked about ther scholarship programme.

    - We went down ast Easter, looked ast the school linked to the program and went through presentation which explained cost of being there, what tennis, fitness would be and then Ben went for a fitness test lasting 30mins.

    - We then travelled home to wait and see if he passed the test.

    - A few days later thye letter arrived and he was given a placenon the programme and in the school.

    - He was so excited finally he could do what he wanted play tennis and study.

    - He went down on September 1st for enrolment and began tennis the following day.

    - His routine includes fitness 1.5 hrs fitness and 1hr squad a day.

    - Also available is lesson on a 1-1 basis.

    - He has the opportunity to enter tournaments each weekend to help improve his rating. Sutton encourage getting national and international rating higher so you can get sponsors the centre is currently sponsored by Dunlop but to become as full time tennis player requires a lot of work.

    - Most resently through Academy/Cheam school Ben go to visit Wimbledon Court 1 on July 2nd he went to see quarter finals matches for Men's singles and doubles he got the opportunity to see the champions in action and had a fantastic day with the school and tennis foundation.

    - Before coming home for 6 weeks holiday Ben entered the Men's Clay Series which he played a higher rated player and after a 2 set 1 all he lost in the tie break 9-11 but that wasn't it he played the Consolation final and comfortably won 6-2 6-2, well done!

    - He came home for the summer and had some hitting practice before returning back to Sutton where he trained with his coach and doubles partner for the 116th Torbay tournament ran in Torquay invitation only event and its a big tournament with great talent, he is entered into Mens Singles where he lost 7-6 6-1 then he stepped up with Andrew and Ben playing Mens doubles 0-6 3-6. Ben then went on to play the number 2 seed in U18 singles playing a tight match taking the seed to deuce on all games but in the end the score of 0-6 0-6 really didn't reflect thed long match.

    - Ben then came home to the North East of England and began his tennis matches here, firstly playing in the Men's Singles and again after a long battle losing 0-6 0-6 again a tight game which didnt reflect in the score, he then played u18 singles winning 6-0 6-0 then through to the final winning 6-0 6-1 a great win well deserved!

    - Then to the Virgin Active Wearside Grade 3 August Open Mens Open winning 4-0 4-1 onto the next match fighting strong winning the first set 4-0 3-5 and after a tight tie break loosing 6-10. Then it was onto the u18 where he played a higher rating of 4.1 loosing 0-6 0-6 again a tight match with games close throughout, he then played consolation match he was 0-6 down in the 1st set coming back to a loss of 7-6 (4-7 tie break)

    - Mens doubles and u18 doubles to play and this will be tough as his doubles partner was his little brother Will who is only 14 and this is there 1st doubles tournament being the underdog with nothing to loose and this was so exciting the whole club got to watch this battle with no disappointment loosing 0-6 3-6 but they still made it to the final and matches where long games so they both deserved to win, maybe next time!

    - Then onto play men's doubles again tight match with a crowd watching and it was again a tight fought battle but close 3-6 4-6 so credit to both players!

    - So by the time Friday came a tired Ben took to the court where he played a tight battle of 2 sets to 4 but again disappointment as he lost 2-4 3-5 but not a fair battle as he worked hard to get to deuce, but it was sudden death deuce ( I hear you ask what's this and the simple explanation is that once you make deuce the resever chooses the side to receive to and you play 1 more point rather than normal deuce others called it lucky dip I leave it to you to decide the fairness!) Then onto the next ratings again playing a good match but racking up a loss of 2-4 2-4 the week just too much so a tired Ben takes a weeks rest before a return to the academy.

    - Now onto preparation for year 2 at Sutton and the next step is to work hard and get a place in the pro academy simply pushing himself up both ratings and ranking, the first step to sort out his tennis and fitness, the first two weeks test stamina with tennis everyday and fitness daily and a full day on Saturday shows progress!

    - We hope to see his rating and rankings rise to at least a 4.2 by Christmas so making a university place scholarship in the UK and potential international career too!